Mapa de Asociaciones Cannábicas Mundial

Gracias a la Asociación Amigos de María y paco Mascaraque tenemos este mapa de Asociaciones Cannábicas que podremos ver en la wen ded Google Maps.

Si quieres echar un vistazo para saber cual es tu asociación sobre cannábis más cercana echale un vistazo y podrás contactar con ellos gracias a su información actulizada gracias a la labor desinteresada de éstos activistas cannábicos.

Si tienes cualquier tipo de información o perteneces a cualquier otra asociación que no aparezca en éste mapa ponte en contacto con ellos y pasales toda la información para que sea contrastada antes de aparecer en el mapa.

Ver Grupos de Acción, Asociaciones y Clubs pro Normalización – Legalización del Cannabis Groups of Action, Associations and Clubs in favour of the Normalization – Legalization of the Cannabis en un mapa más grande




  1. Hola soy Mr.Green.

    I am a free agent and I offer you the posibility of becoming a member in one of the most complete association that I know in Barcelona.

    You have to be over 21 in order to do so but do not panic if you over 18 I will connect you to a nice one too.

    The association is located in sagrada familia area and they have over 15 strains, hash, oil and BHO.

    1st level has a reception with a nice library and a clinic at the back.
    Superb living room with a cafetería and many confi seats. A proyector playing movies or sport.

    2nd level with many differents chilling spots. Game zone that has xbox with fifa 2014 and gta5. In november when the ps4 will be out in the states we will get it and bring it here!

    Pool table, darts, ping-pong, foosball. Also a dark room with fluorescent ligths.

    The weed have goes from 6 to 8 euros per g. As well the hash. Then we have olive oil with extacts, ice o lator, BHO wax and creams to relief pain.

    So many cool people already members like artists, musicians, producers and well known International stars from mostly the music industry.

    So if you want to become part of our family contact me.

    +34 634054380

    Pls let me know when exactly u coming and how many are you and how old.




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